Spaces with Noses

Circus arts and gastronomy join together in “Spaces with Noses”: an artistic proposal where you will enjoy the best circus with your family and friends, combined with the typical food from Ávila. A section of Cir&Co that fuses art and gastronomy, in collaboration with the Federation of Business Owners of the hotel industry of Ávila (CONFAE).


Rest. y Cafetería Montevideo

Plazuela de Italia


Cafetería Palacio Los Serrano

Plazuela de Italia


Wine-Restaurant Soul Kitchen

Calle Caballeros, 13
Teléfono: (+34) 920 21 34 83


Restaurante La Bruja

Paseo Rastro, 1
Teléfono: (+34) 637 41 58 58


Restaurante Reyes Católicos

Calle Reyes Católicos, 6
Teléfono: (+34) 605 26 04 80


Palacio Sofraga

Calle de López Núñez, 1


  • Kicircke

    For all publics

    A show that combines spontaneity of the street with the comical gesture of the clown. A funny game through circus and music. Jugglers with hats, impossible balances with suitcases, glasses and chairs and funny musical numbers. Thanks to everyday objects, this comedian creates the funniest and sweetest situations..

  • Wilbur

    For all publics

    A show full of acrobatics, funny and risk, a lot of risk. The only way in which Wilbur knows how to live. With a technical and physical out of the ordinary he will create impossible situations that will leave the audience stunned. He wil demostrate that acrobatics is not only a sport but a real show of fast pace, with crazy gags, ingenious comic effects and excentric juggling. 'Piensa en Wilbur' (aka 'Think in Wilbur') is a show that will impact on the public. Literally.

  • Nando Caneca - Woow

    For all publics

    Have you dreamt sometimes that your heart is flying without being asleep? Wooow!!! Daily moments of life that convert briefly in something unique and extraordinary. Without words, without a story o maybe the story of the moment; any moment can be the story. A tribute to game and love, a humorous amalgam, a crazy crossing that mixes circus, magic, gesture and improvisation..

  • Mike Dos Perillas

    For all publics

    Two goatees is an extravagant and hilarious character. He is a modern jongleur, a tarot crazy, a joker of cards, critical and acid at the same time. He is also charming. This show of a sad and funny clown opens the doors to reflection: he has two faces, like reality. He is a virtuous objects handler genuinely funny. This trip will show you the acrobatics juggling and a roguish and amusing clown..

  • Máximo Óptimo

    For all publics

    A show for all publics that combines the street spontaneity with the comic gesture of the clown. A funny game done throught the circus, music, juggling and impossible equilibria. A cracy comedian that creates the most extravagant and funny situations. An authentic pocket circus done with everyday things.

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