The Festival

Cartel Oficial - Cir&co 2017CIR&CO 2017 faces up its fifth edition based on the success of the previous ones and the extraordinary reception from the visitors and inhabitants. So the big day is coming for walkers, visitors, tourists, students, children and youth, families. The city will bring people back to its essence, the essence of a city that transforms punctually and plays with the scenography of the urban spaces to bring new impressions to everyone.

This program is clearly ludic, with its cultural dimension, as a surprising art that places the city as the main figure and shows it to visitors as an element of curiosity and completely artistic: stone and art in movement at the same time. All in one. Stable and roving travelling, but never alone. This is the Contemporary Circus. A multidisciplinary gender full of touches. It comes along with the soul of the clown, of the juggler in troubles, of the music of strident fanfare, of imaginative travelling shows, of magic of theatre and curious manipulated devices. All of this, in its most varied format. A pure art that invites spectators to be the main figure, to move, to be surprised, to participate and share new experiences.

Spaces are already prepared and arranged to welcome “the even more difficult”: a wink to those who look and those who are looked, to everyone, because we are in a place that belongs to everyone. This will be CIR&CO ÁVILA 2017 FESTIVAL. Nothing more, nothing less.