The Castilla y León International Circus Festival ‘Cir&Co 2017’ intensifies its promotion in Madrid with a striking visual campaign

The Junta de Castilla y León is promoting the 5th International Circus Festival of Castilla y León in Madrid through different actions, with a strong visual impact, with the aim of increasing the tourist profitability of this cultural event. RENFE joins the promotional actions in Madrid with an action in Chamartín aimed at the final public. The Festival adds a new online promotional channel with the new website , which will help the internationalization of the same. For the first time, the Festival offers a program of concrete actions and complementary cultural and tourist proposals to enjoy in family of the city of Avila and Cir & Co 2017.

The Junta de Castilla y León intensifies the promotion of the 5th International Festival of Cirque de Castilla y León, Cir & Co 2017, one week after its celebration, and in a priority tourist market such as Madrid, with the aim of increasing the tourist profitability of this cultural event . In this way, through a promotional campaign aimed at the potential tourist, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is committed to attract new audiences to this Festival, a reference in the type of contemporary circus at an international leveland unique in Spain , which presents interesting Attractive as they are the 15 absolute premieres in Spain and in an incomparable frame like Avila , World Heritage City.

In the absence of a week for the start of the fifth edition of Cir & Co, a promotional campaign aimed at the thousands of people from Madrid and tourists in the capital begins these days in the center of the city of Madrid. From today until next Monday 4th, the advertising of ‘Cir & Co 2017’ will be seen through an animated giff on the two outside screens of the Callao Cinema (Plaza de Callao and Gran Via) which will report great visibility To the Festival through this projection , of great visual impact that, in addition, contributes an important publicity notoriety . This outdoor visibility action will be complemented by a prominent promotional presence in press kiosks in the most central streets of Madrid, with a total of 55 promotional modules that will carry the image of ‘Cri & Co 2017’ to Alcalá, Callao, Castellana, Goya, Gran Vía, Fuencarral, Paseo de la Habana and Príncipe de Vergara, among others, the capital of Spain.

In addition, during these days and thanks to the collaboration of RENFE , the organization of ‘Cir & Co 2017’ will energize the Point of Last Minute of the Chamartín Madrilenian station with the distribution of promotional leaflets and informational materials of the Festival. These materials will also be distributed in the train cafes that run through Madrid to the north of the peninsula, as well as in customer service points and Chamartín Club Halls.

It should be borne in mind that Madrid is the main market for tourists to Castilla y León, with 27.36% last year 2016, when more than 1.5 million tourists visited the Community, 4.58% more Than the previous year.

Nueva página web

The promotion of ‘Cir & Co’ has incorporated in the last days a new online promotional channel, the web page A new portal that incorporates information on the fifth edition of the Festival , as well as complementary information on all companies and scheduled performances. In addition, it gathers information on the parallel activities organized around ‘Cir & Co’ such as the gastronomic activities of ‘ Spaces with Noses ‘ or ‘ Routes of Tapas ‘. This web portal also allows to link with the sale of tickets for those shows with limited capacity that need the reservation of space by paying a ticket. The website offers information in Spanish and English, which will facilitate the internationalization of the Festival, a demand that was made by international companies participating in the Festival, which this time accounted for more than 60%.

Propuestas Familiares ‘Cir&Co’

With the objective of offering specialized cultural and tourist proposals and focusing them towards a family audience, which when organizing their trips combines culture with gastronomy and tourist experiences, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has organized, for the first time, for this edition Of the Festival ‘Cir & Co’, a ‘Family Itinerary’ that selects the performances and shows intended for all audiences and that can be enjoyed as a family. A proposal that links with the new tourism promotion campaign of Castilla y León ‘Family Size’ and presents the Community as a tourist destination with many proposals to enjoy in family, through quality tourism, safe, sustainable and Not mass-produced.

As a complement to these activities, it is proposed to know the province of Ávila through four tourist routes and the visit to different tourist resources of the city of Avila, such as its Cathedral, the visit to the wall or the different palaces, temples and Museums of the city. Proposals to enjoy the World Heritage City, with family or friends, including guided tours scheduled for these days – ‘Abuelo’s Jewels’,’ Ávila de leyenda ‘and’ Traces de Teresa’-, children’s workshops and get to know the city Through the Tram of Avila or the Tuk-Tuk.

In addition, it is invited to enjoy the gastronomy of Ávila through the ‘Ruta de las Tapas‘, which on the occasion of ‘Cir & Co’ has produced the Federation of Entrepreneurs of Hospitality of Avila-CONFAE and in which 20 establishments of the city participate, A proposal that joins the ‘Spaces with Noses’ with the aim of bringing together gastronomy and culture, which will offer circus shows in eight restaurants in the city of Avila. In this way, thanks to the cooperation of the hoteliers of the city, the Festival ‘Cir & Co 2017’ has been visible during the last month in an intense way, through advertising in more than 50,000 sugar, napkins, coasters and different materials designed specifically for the occasion and which remind Avila and visitors that, from 5 to 10 September, Avila becomes the Capital of the contemporary circus as a family, thanks to a new edition of the Cirque de Castilla y León International Festival, Cir & Co 2017 ‘.


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