The V edition of the International Festival of Circus of Castile and Leon revalidates its success and is dismissed with a massive influx of public in all the programmed spectacles

The fifth edition of the International Festival of Circus of Castile and Leon, organized by the Junta de Castilla y León, with a very positive balance, in an edition that has grown in days, in new spaces, new sections, more artistic companies and number of activities. The public, which has surpassed 75,000 visitors, has filled all the events and has highly valued the organization and channels of promotion and communication of the festival. ‘Cir&Co’ has staged more than 150 activities by 32 companies, which have presented 15 absolute premieres in Spain. The ‘Cir&Co’ Festival is an example of public-private collaboration, with the participation of national companies such as ONCE, Coca-Cola and RENFE, as well as the institutional support of Ávila City Council and hoteliers through CONFAE.

The International Circus Festival of Castilla y León, ‘Cir&Co’, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León in Avila, closes Sunday its fifth edition, after six days in which it has been possible to see more of 150 activities, which have been carried out by 32 circus arts companies, 20 of them international of up to eight nationalities: France, Italy, Argentina, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Great Britain and Spain. Among them, they have presented 15 absolute premieres in Spain and three more in Castile and Leon, positioning Cir&Co as a festival of international reference and the most important of this type in our country.

The fifth edition of ‘Cir&Co’, which now concludes, has had the support of the public, Avila and tourists, which has surpassed 75,000 spectators, filling all the positions, both free access and limited capacity, which have had to be expanded as in the case of the Lienzo Norte show, which was planned for the Chamber Room of 420 spectators and which was finally held in the Symphonic Hall with more than 900 attendees. The spaces of limited capacity (carp of San Isidro and palaces of Polentinos, Verdugo, Bracamonte and Superunda-Caprotti, as well as the space of the Episcopio) have registered a occupation of 100% from the first day of the representations, which gives a idea of ​​the interest shown by the public in the staging of shows of reduced capacity, which help to improve the quality of the Festival, according to the public opinion.

The itinerant street shows, as well as those programmed outdoors in the main plazas of Ávila (Mercado Chico, Santa Teresa square, Cathedral square and Adolfo Suárez square) had a massive response from the public, historic center of Avila in a large circus tent, with a continuous activity throughout the six days of Festival.

Thanks to the creation of a new ‘Cir&Co Family Itinerary’, the audience attending the Festival has been able to enjoy a selection of shows for all audiences and cultural, tourist and gastronomic proposals in the city and province of Avila. The advance sale online for limited entertainment has allowed the audience attending ‘Cir&Co’ to come to Avila with an already organized program of shows and visits. In this sense, the online sale – which has meant more than 40% of the total of tickets – reveals data on the origin of visitors, with a 39% sale in Castilla y León (where the online sales in Avila stand out by 29% , Valladolid 22% and Salamanca 20%) and the origin of Madrid with 32% and Extremadura 10%, thanks to the intense campaign of promotion that has been made of the Festival in these markets, so that, with only five editions, ‘Cir&Co’ has become an important tourist resource for Ávila and Castilla y León.

International Reference Festival

The international screening of the Festival ‘Cir&Co’ is increasing after the edition that now concludes and in which international companies have represented more than 60% of the total of participants, up to 20 companies of eight nationalities, of the 32 participants in this edition, five more than last year. Among them is the presence of 10 companies from France, as a reference country of circus arts worldwide and whose components have highlighted in their performances, the important level of the festival of Avila, increasingly recognized internationally.

In addition, Cir&Co has hosted the IV Encounter of the European Circus Schools, which have worked in Ávila throughout the week in the avant-garde circus arts, creating a new show ‘What a wonderful world’, absolute premiere in Ávila and after the success of ‘Cir&Co’ will travel next week to the Circus Price of Madrid. On this occasion, the students came from six different countries – Finland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil – who paid homage to St. Teresa of Jesus, on the eve of the beginning of the Teresian Jubilee Year 2017-2018.

Success of new spaces and sections

With the aim of continuing to grow, by betting on the quality of the festival, ‘Cir & Co’ presented this year the new section ‘Cir & Co Cine’ with the screening of three films related to the circus world, which have received massive support from the public , surpassing the 1,800 attendees and the collaboration of Coca-Cola. In addition, within the ‘Cir & Co Carpa’ section a new space has been added to the Festival, the Polentinos Palace, which has served to position it in the city at a cultural and tourist level, following the line that marked the Festival from its beginnings, to merge the artistic heritage of Avila and the performing arts. The fifth edition of ‘Cir & Co’ has also featured a room show at the ‘Lienzo Norte’ Congress and Exhibition Center in what has meant the return to this cultural space of the city.

Consolidation of ‘Cir & Co Social’ and ‘Spaces with noses’

The Festival ‘Cir&Co’ consolidates sections that involve the collaboration of the Avila society, with the aim of reaching the maximum possible of people and make Cir&Co a festival for all. In order to continue betting on accessibility to culture, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has intensified the programming of the section ‘Cir&Co Social’ through actions in eight residences of elderly people of the city of Avila and with the programming of ‘Soy ellas’, an accessible show for the hearing impaired, in charge of the Basque company ‘Rojo Telón’. In addition, as a sample of support for this section, the ONCE organization has contributed a special coupon last September 6 with the image of ‘Cir&Co’ that has been seen through the edition of more than 5.5 million coupons throughout Spain.

The close collaboration of the Federation of Entrepreneurs of Hospitality of Avila-CONFAE with the Festival ‘Cir & Co’ has allowed to combine gastronomy and circus arts in the eight ‘Spaces with noses’ that have been added to the program of the Festival, receiving the massive support of the public in all establishments. A collaboration that has been increased with promotional actions and materials distributed throughout the summer, such as napkins, sugar, coasters and promotional brochures.

Projection of the Festival

The contribution of the promotional channels of the collaborating companies of the Festival, RENFE, Coca-Cola and the novelty of ONCE, has managed to give a greater visibility to the Festival. In addition, the City Council of Ávila has actively collaborated in facilitating the correct development of the fifth edition of ‘Cir&Co’. The success of the ‘Cir&Co’ Festival is now based on an intense promotional campaign in priority and proximity markets, such as the one held in Madrid, through a strong action of great visual impact. The online channels have had a great importance in the promotion of the Festival, both in the previous and in the development of the same, where Twitter account @CirCoFestival has informed in direct of the more than 150 activities, with a growth of followers of the 27 %. In addition, in this edition has presented the new website which has information in Spanish and English of all the shows, companies and activities developed around the Festival. The fifth edition of ‘Cir&Co’ has also had an outstanding national projection to have been news in the news of the main national television media.


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